In Search of a New Life for Building 2 at Magnuson

What is the future of Magnuson Park’s most historic building?  Building 2 is the oldest building (1929) still extant in the former Sand Point Naval Air Station complex.  Called the Assembly & Repair Shop, Building 2 was constructed as a place to overhaul plane engines.  Original steel and glass doors are intact for the entire building, as well as large industrial windows along the sides of the hangars.  Massive concrete towers stand for receiving the sliding hangar doors.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) has been issued for development and renovation of Building 2.  Proposals should include the management and operation of recreation, arts and cultural or environmental programming that will be open to the public.  The Seattle Parks & Recreation Dept. (SPR) does not have designated funding for this redevelopment, and as a result proposals should include a funding plan.

Through this, SPR is seeking a proposer(s) able to make a significant capital investment in exchange for a long-term agreement. This agreement will be in the form of a lease or concession agreement under which the successful proposer(s) will redevelop, operate and manage Building 2 and its facilities for the approved use(s) and programming for a term that is commensurate with the financial commitment made by the proposer.

SPR is encouraging interested groups which may not have the financial ability to develop the entire building to work in partnership with other groups, and develop a comprehensive proposal, which includes overall project funding, design and management.

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