Emergency Preparedness: How It Works in Wedgwood

Volunteer greeters Joann and Bill at Emergency Preparedness Drill, the Hub at Hunter Tree Farm.

The year 2016 is the fifteenth anniversary of the most recent big earthquake which shook Seattle.  Since that time much more has been done to organize emergency preparedness for an earthquake or some other catastrophic event.

Everyone is invited to a discussion on preparedness on Saturday, April 9, from 9 to 11 AM at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th Ave NE. Enter from the NE 80th Street door and go downstairs to the fellowship hall.  Everyone is welcome.  Bring your neighbors to discuss preparedness block by block.   Please do RSVP to the meeting organizers:  NESeattlePrepares@gmail.com

This emergency preparedness drill will instruct participants how to manage and coordinate exchanging information and resources among themselves without outside disaster assistance from City services.  Wedgwood has a Hub at the Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE, which is a gathering place for leaving messages and for exchanging assistance in the event of an emergency.  This Emergency Communications Hub is:

The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm is the Emergency Hub in Wedgwood.

• our pre-determined gathering place in case a major disaster occurs that causes normal communication modes to fail.

• here to help the community re-establish communication and information sharing to save lives, preserve property, and protect the environment.

• here to facilitate local information sharing and serve as a gateway through which the neighborhood can communicate with the rest of the world.

• NOT supplied with provisions immediately following a serious emergency or  disaster.

Bring a neighbor.  The more people aware of this resource for the community, the better.

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