One Lane to Re-Open on Sand Point Way NE

Repairing a retaining wall and the roadway on the east side of Sand Point Way NE. Photo courtesy of SDOT Flickr page.

Work continues on repairs to a retaining wall and the roadway on Sand Point Way NE.  On Saturday, April 2nd, one southbound lane will be re-opened to traffic. This will help ease some of the morning-rush-hour traffic heading towards the University of Washington and downtown.

Also on Saturday, April 2nd, a northbound lane will be opened during evening hours only. This northbound lane will have to remain closed during daytime work hours, Monday through Saturday, while repair crews continue working on that side of the road.

The existing detour for northbound traffic will remain in effect during work hours: 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Saturday.  That will continue to bring heavy evening rush-hour traffic through Wedgwood.

Road work will continue for a few weeks, largely out of sight, on facing the new steel and timber retaining wall with concrete. Crews will also be installing new guard rails on the eastern shoulder, replacing the utility poles, and final paving before the project is complete.

Drivers are asked to exercise caution when passing through the work zone on Sand Point Way NE – both during work hours when equipment and crews are present, and during off-hours when traffic is flowing in both directions. Drivers should expect a slight dip and rise while passing through the work zone, since the final layer of asphalt paving will not be applied until later.

The daytime detour for northbound traffic will be removed in early May, once the project is fully complete.