Supporting Wedgwood’s Street Improvements

On Thursday evening, May 5th, a block association in Wedgwood will present their project at the Northeast District Council meeting.  The Wedgwood Community Council and the neighboring Ravenna-Bryant Community Association have written letters of support for this street-improvement funding request to the City of Seattle.

This section of NE 85th Street looks like a jungle but it is actually in Wedgwood.

This section of NE 85th Street looks like a jungle but it is actually in Wedgwood.

Over on the western edge of Wedgwood, NE 85th Street goes through between Lake City Way NE to Ravenna Ave NE.  That section of NE 85th Street has been neglected, is without curbs, drainage or sidewalks, and is subject to heavy cut-through traffic to the arterials.  On April 23rd on NE 85th Street nearest to Ravenna Ave NE, hardy Spring Clean volunteers beat back the jungle of blackberry vines and other invasive species which are encroaching upon the street.

The Wedgwood Community Council is giving support to a block association to advocate for street improvements and traffic-calming measures.  The block association call their project Reimagining NE 85th Street.  The Wedgwood Community Council will help advocate for the needed improvements to be applied for at the City of Seattle.  The next step is for the funding request to be approved by the Northeast District Council, which includes representatives from Wedgwood and other nearby neighborhoods.  The projects endorsed by the NEDC are then forwarded to the City of Seattle’s Street Fund requests.

Everyone is invited to come out to the NEDC meeting on Thursday evening, May 5th, 7 PM at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church, 8008 35th Ave NE.  Enter the church building from the NE 80th Street side.  The Northeast District Council meeting will be held in the upstairs room.

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