The Northeast Design Review Board

The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (DCI) is seeking volunteers for the NE Design Review Board.

Board members review projects and evaluate them based upon the City’s design guidelines.  A recent example of a design review was the trailer-park-to-townhouses proposal, presented at the Design Review Board meeting on April 11th.

Seeking Two Design Review Board Members

Seattle DCI logoWe are seeking qualified candidates for the NE Board to fill the development and local business positions immediately. To be considered for appointment, please send an application, cover letter and resume by May 20th to Lisa Rutzick:

Download the application, complete it, and submit it to You can also get a copy sent to you by contacting Lisa Rutzick at that email.


Board members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serve two-year terms.  Members serve on one of seven boards that review projects in the city’s major geographic districts. Each board is composed of five members who represent:

  • Design profession
  • Development interests
  • General community interests
  • Local business interests
  • Local residential interests

Applicants should have:

  • Knowledge of, or interest in, architecture, urban design and the development process
  • The ability to evaluate projects based on the city’s design guidelines
  • The ability to listen and communicate effectively at public meetings
  • A passion for design and community development, and
  • The ability to work well with others under pressure. Prior experience with community or neighborhood groups is a plus.

Board members must live in the city. Following appointment, the local residential interests representative must act as an ambassador to at least one community group or association (e.g. community council) that operates within the board district. Similarly, following appointment the local business interests representative must act as an ambassador to at least one business group or association (e.g. chamber of commerce) that operates within the board district. Acting as an ambassador is often facilitated if the board member lives or works within the district he or she is serving, but residency in a district is not a requirement to serve as a local business representative.

Board members should expect to work 12-15 hours a month attending and preparing for board meetings, which are held twice a month, in the evenings. Board members are expected to attend at least 90 percent of the meetings.



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