Activities in Wedgwood: June 2016

There will be a burst of activities around Wedgwood in the month of June 2016, with something for everyone, including a food truck for Wedgwood.

Grant funds to create the Picnic Place were applied for by the WCC.

What’s missing in this photo? A food truck.

In the month of June 2016 Wedgwood’s active volunteers will be engaged in work parties and in planning for future events.  Everyone is invited to the next Food Truck Planning Meeting on Wednesday, June 1st.  We will meet at 7:15 PM at the Hunter Tree Farm, 7744 35th Ave NE.  The food truck initiative is for a community event planned for September 17 at the Hunters site.

Meanwhile, the Wedgwood Community Council has also been searching for a food truck for the Picnic Place at the corner of NE 86th Street. The process has a number of layers because the future-park site is owned by Seattle Parks Dept. and vendors have to apply with them.  But stay tuned, a food truck has applied!  If this goes through, then when the food truck arrives we will post the news here on this page.  You may also sign up for electronic news notices which are delivered via e-mail whenever there are announcements about Wedgwood happenings.

Birdhouse-theme decorations at The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm.

Birdhouse-theme decorations at The Gathering Place at Hunter Tree Farm.

Every Spring a clean-up is held at the Hunter Tree Farm where The Gathering Place was created as a grant-funded project of the Wedgwood Community Council in 2011.   This year’s work party is subtitled the Skills Mob.  Participants will receive instruction in simple carpentry to help repair the movable benches at Hunter’s.

Anyone can help at the work party by bringing your weeding tools, push mowers or cordless weed whackers to trim the grass, or by doing re-painting as needed.  Everyone is invited out on Saturday, June 4, from 10 AM to 2 PM for this work day.  Come on out, bring gloves, hand tools, etc., meet Wedgwood activists and do your part for the betterment of the community.

preserved13_08Did you know that Friday, June 3, is National Doughnut Day?  Yes, indeed.  You may do your share of community service by bringing non-perishable food donations or cash donations for Northwest Harvest, to any Top Pot location, while also indulging in the doughnut festivities of the day.

And on your way down 35th Ave NE to Top Pot at NE 70th Street, give a wave of thanks to the Windermere-Wedgwood team who will be trimming back shrubbery and cleaning up along the sidewalk on 35th Ave NE between NE 80th to 84th Streets.  Thank you, Windermere!

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