Hello, Deer

An urban legend has been confirmed:  there are deer living in the ravines in northeast Seattle.

Deer in Rite-Aid parking lot on July 5, 2016.

Deer in Rite-Aid parking lot on July 5, 2016.

On Tuesday, July 5, a bus traveler obtained this photo of a deer wandering around the parking lot of the Rite-Aid Store in Wedgwood at 8500 35th Ave NE.  The contributor notes that the “geotag” (locator) of the photo is in View Ridge because by that time her bus was on the way down 35th Ave NE.

Northeast Seattle contains many ravine areas where wildlife such as coyotes and raccoon live, but this deer sighting is the first in recent memory.  We might guess that the deer heard the news of Wedgwood’s new food truck and ambled on over for a taste.

Obviously the deer of Wedgwood are up on all of the latest news of the neighborhood — how about you?  Tune in to Wedgwood doings via the Facebook and Twitter pages.  You can sign up for the electronic newsletter of the Wedgwood Community Council, delivered via e-mail whenever there are meeting or event announcements.

And to find out more about the history of the neighborhood, check out Valarie’s Wedgwood in Seattle History blog page.  With all of these resources you will be well-prepared for any future trivia contest questions such as, “are there really any deer living in Wedgwood?”

UPDATE:  Later in July, Wedgwood’s deer was taking a day-trip to Laurelhurst.    Good photos of Lefty, as he has been named because of the longer left prong of his antlers, are on the Union Bay Blog.

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