August 2016 Update: Roosevelt Way NE Paving Schedule

Here is the schedule of work being done on Roosevelt Way NE including closures for paving, from Thursday August 11th through Monday, August 15th.

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Zone C night paving is this Thursday night, August 11

Thursday, August 11, weather permitting. This will result in a full closure of Roosevelt Way NE between NE 53rd and NE 45th streets. As with Zones A and B, paving at night consolidates impacts and allows our crews to pave the road safely and efficiently.

Beginning at 6 PM on Thursday, August 11, residents, businesses, and travelers can expect the following:

  • Roosevelt Way NE will be reduced to 1 lane at 6 PM; 2 lanes will be maintained during the evening commute hour, from 3-6 PM
  • Roosevelt Way NE will be fully closed to all traffic between NE 53rd and NE 45th streets, from 8 PM on Thursday, August 11, until 5 AM on Friday, August 12.
  • NE 50th and NE 45th streets will not be paved and will remain open to all traffic.
  • A barricade will be in place at NE Ravenna Blvd, directing through traffic to 15th Ave NE; local access will be permitted on Roosevelt Way NE between NE Ravenna Blvd and NE 53rd St.
  • On-street parking will continue to be restricted on Roosevelt Way NE. Parking restrictions will be lifted on the east side of the street in the weeks after paving is complete.
  • People driving should use 15th Ave NE via NE Ravenna Blvd to reconnect with Roosevelt Way NE at NE 45th St. Click here to see a detour map.
  • Local access will be maintained on NE 53rd, NE 52nd, and NE 47th streets, but through traffic will not be permitted at intersections with Roosevelt Way NE.
  • Sidewalks on Roosevelt Way NE will remain during paving, including access to businesses. People walking will not be able to cross Roosevelt Way NE in the paving area. Crossings will be allowed at NE 53rd, NE 50th, and NE 45th streets.
  • People biking should use 12th Ave NE. Click here to see a detour map.
  • Roosevelt Way NE will be reopened to all traffic at 5 AM on Friday, August 12, with single lane restrictions in place until 7 AM.
  • Asphalt paving will result in noise, light, dust, odor, and vibration.

Zone D construction to start next week, August 15

Work will begin in Zone D, between NE 45th and NE 40th streets, as soon as Monday, August 15. Zone D is the last construction zone to complete as part of this project. Due to high vehicle, pedestrian, and bike volumes improvements in Zone D will be built at night. Crews will begin moving equipment and materials from Zone C to Zone D this week.

What to expect during construction in Zone D:

  • Construction will occur on weekday nights, between 6 PM and 5 AM
  • Noisy activity, like jackhammering and saw cutting concrete, must be complete by 10 PM
  • Pedestrian detours and some traffic control around bus island construction may be in place around construction zones during daytime, non-work hours
  • Some periodic daytime work may occur, including survey, sawcutting, jackhammering, and inspection
  • On-street parking restrictions will be in place on Roosevelt Way NE between NE 45th and NE 40th streets
  • Bike lane will be closed; people on bikes should follow signed detour or merge with traffic. Detour map coming soon
  • Bus stops may be temporarily closed or relocated; for more information visit
  • Steel plates on the road and rough pavement after grinding
  • Some noise, dust, vibration, and light will occur during nighttime work
  • We will maintain access to shops and businesses at all times. Please continue to eat, shop, and play on Roosevelt Way NE throughout construction!

Remaining work in Zone B, between NE Ravenna Blvd and NE 53rd St

Crews returned to Zone B last week to paint most of the permanent pavement markings, install white plastic delineator posts in the protected bike lane (PBL) buffer, and install signage. Crews will return to Zone B to paint final, remaining markings on Thursday night.

People driving should be careful not to park in the new PBL. Look for these signs in the project area for more information on where to park.

King County Metro will install bus shelters on the new transit island in the coming weeks.

Zone B and C bike detour

The Zone C Bike Detour offers a continuous route for the length of Zone B and Zone C construction. The detour will guide people to Brooklyn Ave NE at Ravenna Ave NE, reconnecting to southbound Roosevelt Ave NE at NE 43rd St.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the project team at or 206-727-3575. We are committed to keeping the community informed during construction and continue to update this webpage regularly. We send weekly construction updates via email and you can use this link to be added to the email distribution list. The outreach team continues to work directly with residents and businesses on Roosevelt Way NE for access restrictions and specific impacts. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the project team with questions or concerns.


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