EasySpeak Wedgwood in October 2016

EasySpeak Wedgwood is a once-a-month program at the Wedgwood Ale House, 8515 35th Ave NE.  On Monday, October 10th, EasySpeak Wedgwood will have an open-mike session beginning at 8 PM with the featured performer of the evening coming on stage at 8:45 PM.

wedgwood-ale-house-and-wells-fargo-at-ne-86th-street-on-35th-ave-neThe Wedgwood Ale House has draft beers and a great menu to enjoy alongside a great night of spoken and musical performances at EasySpeak Wedgwood on Monday, October 10th.   Sign-ups begin at 7 PM, performances at 8 and at about 8:45 PM the featured performers, guitarist Tony Beaulaurier & friends, will close the night with great music.

EasySpeak Wedgwood is held in the pool room, so walk down the breezeway between the Wedgwood Ale House and Wells Fargo Bank, directly to the door of the pool room.

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  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this very nice write-up. To my chagrin, I am just now discovering your entry about Easy Speak. But, despite the belatedness, I very much appreciate the piece.

    My name is Peter Munro. I am the curator of the Easy Speak open mike that occurs at the Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe.

    I wanted to notify you that Easy Speak has grown since your article. We now meet twice a month, on second and fourth Mondays. I wonder if we could get on your calendar. Is that possible? (If you answer, I won’t be able to respond for a couple of weeks as I am leaving town and won’t be in communications.)

    I believe residents of Wedgwood can be proud that this open mike is thriving as it is in your community. The level of art is high, all the more so when handicapping for our gathering being an open mike. With Easy Speak, Wedgwood has a few more bragging rights in the arts department.

    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Peter, and thanks for your note! We’re so glad that you enjoyed our Easy Speak write-up, and we’d be happy to add your twice-monthly event to our calendar. We are always looking to promote the arts and great community events in Wedgwood, so thanks for updating us on the Easy Speak schedule. All the best to you!

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