Fire at the Barber Shop

At about 3:30 PM on Monday, October 3rd, smoke was seen coming from the basement of the NE 95th Street Barber Shop at 9516 35th Ave NE and a fire alarm call went out.

Fire Department response to the incident at the barber shop was very fast.  At this writing there is no word yet on damage.  The barber shop was built in 1939 and was part of a cluster of businesses at that intersection when local investors thought it would become a major business district.

UPDATE:  As of October 5, 2016, the landlord says the 9516 35th Ave NE building is beyond repair and will be torn down.  Nathan, the barber, has moved to another location.


at 2 story structure @ 35 NE& NE 95 St. Smoke from basement and requested. Searches completed.

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