Plans for the Weekend: Fill Out Your Election Ballot!

Have you made plans for the weekend yet?  With election ballots due on November 8th, you should set aside time to vote.

voted-2016In our all-by-mail Election 2016, the ballots are due on or before Tuesday, November 8th.  Ballots must be postmarked by that day or you may use a drop box up until 8 PM on Tuesday when the boxes will be removed.

With an extensive number of candidates, legislative bills and offices to vote for, you will need to set aside time to go through the ballot.  Make time this weekend?  Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend and you will have an “extra hour” because of turning the clocks back — use your extra hour to vote!

The King County Elections page has a Voter’s Guide with explanations of the measures, initiatives and proposals which are up for a vote.

The Elections page also has a list of drop boxes where you may deposit your ballot without a postage stamp.  Some of the northeast Seattle drop box locations are the Lake City Branch Library, the Green Lake Community Center, and a drop box just off of 15th Ave NE by Schmitz Hall at the University of Washington.

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