WCC Meeting Digest for Nov 22nd.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, and I am out of my food coma, I can reflect upon our WCC meeting and share what the take away’s were.

On Tuesday November 22nd, the OneLife Community Church at 3524 NE 95th Street, played host to the WCC monthly meeting. We had Caylen Beaty, from SDOT attend our meeting and provide us with a 10-15 minute presentation regarding the North Paving projects for 2018. We also had Pamela Bowe, from the Meadowbrook Community Council, speak to us regarding neighborhood HUBS and emergency preparedness.

During Caylens presentation she explained what factors are going into the SDOT design process. The city is currently gathering information using traffic, speed, crash, accident data, bike master pl2018 arterial paving schedule for northeast Seattlean, and public input. As of now, there are NO concrete plans for the bike lanes to be added on 35th Ave NE when the project commences. Caylen was patient and cordial as she fielded questions from neighbors and the business community that have shops on 35th Ave. A few people also asked about neighborhood greenways as an option to provide a way (that is already in place), to connect the communities to the north and south of Wedgwood. The current Neighborhood Greenways through Wedgwood runs north from the Burke-Gilman Trail up 39th and 38th avenues all the way to 89th Ave NE and ending at 35th Ave NE. The current progress for the SDOT design is roughly around 10% complete, Caylen reminded the attendees, that the progress of the design is at low level of completion so now is the time to be heard for, or against proposed changes to 35th Ave NE, and to reach out to Dawn Schellenber, dawn.schellenberg@seattle.gov , or to her Caylen Beaty at caylen.beaty@seattle.gov.


A special thanks to Pamela who graciously spoke to us after the SDOT presentaion, regarding Seattle Community Emergency Hubs, these HUBS are established by community and neighbors. A hub could provide basic services in the event of a catastrophic disaster. The Wedwgood Emergency hub is at  the Hunters Family tree farm and Gathering place. in the event of a disaster neighbors could meet and get basic services.





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  1. Thanks for this. As a pedestrian who daily crosses 35th at 87th I feel very strongly that drivers need one lane each way at intersections to increase visibility. I expect someone will be hit at this intersection if nothing is done.

    1. Thanks Ana, That concern of pedestrian visibility was briefly discussed. Caylen said that SDOT is looking at a similar type of walk signals to aleart drivers just like the crossing near the NE Seattle Library at NE 68th St. She had no definitive information on propsed crossings that would get an RRFB’s (Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) type sinage or which crossings might be modified with Curb Bulbs. (Those odd concrete Jut outs near Thorton Creek. NE 77th ST)
      We at the WCC will continue to check in with Dawn and Caylen and keep our Neighbors informed.
      Thank you for your comment.

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