Thanks, Javasti! Thanks, Hunters!

The Wedgwood Community Council thanks Cafe Javasti and the Hunter family for their community spirit.  Javasti provided hot cocoa for three Saturdays of Hot Cocoa Outreach at a community council information table at Hunter Tree Farm.

John Finelli, WCC president, discusses neighborhood zoning issues with Bill Hunter, owner of Hunter Tree Farm

Holiday spirit was high as people selected decorations at Hunter Tree Farm in December 2016.  On three Saturdays this month, hot cocoa was provided by Cafe Javasti, 8617 35th Ave NE, for the Wedgwood Community Council info and outreach table at Hunter Tree Farm.  The table was staffed by Wedgwood Community Council volunteers as a way to reach out and let people know about neighborhood issues.

Throughout the year 2016 the Wedgwood Community Council has interacted with Seattle City Council and with City services such as the Seattle Department of Transportation, about the needs of Wedgwood in land use, business development, streets, sidewalks, and livability.  You can get involved by contacting the WCC at

Wedgwood Community Council Elf Jess Creach coordinated the hot cocoa table

Hunter Family Elves Carol Hunter and daughter


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