Auto Repair In Wedgwood: Johnson’s

Does your car need a winter fluids check, just an oil change or major engine work?  Look no farther than Johnson’s Auto Repair at the corner of NE 95th Street, a full-service shop with a twenty-eight-year history in Wedgwood.

Jeff Johnson

Johnson’s Auto Repair at 9418 35th Ave NE is a full-service repair shop with high ratings for quality, and some very long-time employees.  Owner Jeff Johnson now also operates the Spirit Gas Station on the north corner at 9500 35th Ave NE.

Over his lifetime Jeff Johnson has had some interesting sidelines to his work in the auto shop, proving that he is a versatile guy. Jeff once worked as a popular local stand-up comedian, had a brief career as a hydroplane racer (ending in a scary accident), has worked for the Seahawks and has travelled to the poorest parts of Mexico as part of his church’s program to build homes for the needy. Jeff’s current second job is as mayor of the City of Lake Forest Park!  Here’s how Jeff looks in a suit and tie!

We thank Jeff Johnson for his long-time support of the Wedgwood Community Council through advertising, and for his spirit of quality service which is an asset to the neighborhood.  The next time your car needs anything from a basic oil change to major work, give Johnson’s Auto Repair a call at 522-3305.

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