Trustee Meeting Minutes 1-16-2017

Wedgwood Community Council | Trustee Meeting
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church
January 16, 2017 | 7:30 – 9PM

Meeting called by John Finelli

Attendees: Gretchen Bear, Dass Adams, Peter Zimmerman, John Finelli, Michael Chrzastowski, Chris Haskins, Joe Forgette, Jen Freeman.
Absent: Jess Creach

  1. Chris Haskins voted in as secretary for the meeting.
  2. The minutes of the October 2016 trustees meeting were approved as read.
  3. New chair position opening up:

    Dass Adams announced his intent to resign, leaving a vacancy in the parks chair position.

  4. Budget review:

    The WCC spent less in the 2015/2016 year than it took in in membership dues.

    An increase in funds can be attributed to not producing a print newsletter, a small increase in individual membership, and more business support.

  5. Membership updates:

    Gretchen provided a summary 2016/2017 membership drive.Overall there was an increase in membership from the previous year, both individual and business.

    Gretchen, Jen, and Chris are to meet to plan the transfer of membership drive responsibilities.

    Some potential streamlining of the membership housekeeping was discussed, and a subcommittee is to be formed.

    Comments from the membership drive were reviewed (see email dated 12/26/16 from gretchen to all trustees).

    The idea for an informative membership brochure was floated, as was a welcome to the neighborhood brochure.

    Can we identify new move-ins?

  6. NEDC Updates:

    The NEDC unanimously decided to continue, regardless of support from the city. The budget will be of concern, and the possibility of WCC support was mentioned.

  7. Land Use Updates:

    Trailer park at 2101 NE 88th St: 89 townhouses in 21 structures will be built. All current residents must relocate by June 2017, there are currently 55 residents. Some of the preparation work has already started. There is some concern regarding the design of the new structures; potential for too many rentals, limited access.

    A sale of the I Love Bento building fell through due to the condition of the building.

  8. Transportation Updates:

    Concern was expressed that the repaving of 35th Ave should be aligned with the 35th Ave Plan created by the community. Joe and John will take action to this end. We understand that the project is currently an 10% design. We have been told by Rob Johnson’s office that they will look at the 35th Ave Plan again in late spring.

    Sidewalk construction on 95th St. between 32nd and 35th Ave’s NE has begun.

    Crosswalk construction on 95th Ave at 30th and 32nd Ave’s NE are slated to begin summer 2017.

  9. Miscellany:

    Jess has become the defacto events point-person.

    The idea of a farmers market at Hunter’s was discussed. What are the zoning issues?

    The emergency hub has not been addressed recently.

    We may need to have representation at the North District Council.

    The idea of a Wedgwood Eats Out night was floated.

    General Meetings: Should we have them? How do we get the community involved? Perhaps informal gatherings at a pub?

    There was some discussion of the WCC’s role, neutral administrator or opinionated advocate?

Minutes prepared by Chris Haskins

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