Join or Renew Your WCC Membership

October is Wedgwood Community Council membership month! If you’d like to join or renew your membership, head over to the Become a WCC Member page.

Since November 2016, member support helped the Council to:

  • Foster communication between the community and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) on the 35th Ave NE Paving Project;
  • Keep the neighborhood informed of land use and transportation issues in Wedgwood;
    Support fundraising efforts for our future park at the Morningside Substation site (35th Ave NE & NE 86th St);
  • Plan and host the Wedgwood Community Picnic in September;
  • Organize the business district trick-or-treat for Halloween;
  • Provide local information and hot cocoa at the Hunter Farms Christmas tree lot;
  • Provide a representative voice of the Wedgwood neighborhood to Seattle city departments and councilmembers.

Over 75% of Wedgwood Community Council memberships expire later this month, on October 31. More change is coming to Wedgwood in the next year, and our goal is to work with our members, our neighbors, local groups and businesses, and the city of Seattle to make those changes as positive as possible. With your support, we can continue to advocate on behalf of our neighborhood.

If you have a membership form that you’d like to mail, please send it to:

Wedgwood Community Council
PO BOX 15770
Seattle, WA 98115

4 Replies to “Join or Renew Your WCC Membership”

  1. Hi Jen. A couple of questions: (1`) can one belong to WCC if they live south of 75th? We’re at 55th St NE and 35th Av NE and (2) does WCC have a position on the SDOT changes on 35th? Thank you.

    1. Hi Judith. One can be a member where ever they live. However one might not be able to hold a board position. There have been certain exceptions to that in the past where a member who wants to participate on the board lives a street or two away from the formal boundries outlined by the city clerk.


  2. Judith–you…and I are part of the Ravenna Bryant community council though I feel torn in the middle–I am on 37th and NE 65th. I am considering joining both.
    Hope that is helpful.

  3. I received a renewal reminder in the mail that offered a travel mug or t-shirt with membership, but the website offers only a little flashlight or shirt. I am hoping to have a travel mug. Are they actually being offered?

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