35th Ave NE Paving: Final design update

In early February, theĀ 35th Paving Outreach Team emailed the following project update.

35th Ave NE Paving: Final design update
We’re writing to let you know that we’ve reached final design for the 35th Paving Project and are on schedule to begin construction this spring/summer.

Final design and public feedback
Since beginning outreach in late 2016, we’ve talked with hundreds of community members about the project and we’ve weighed your feedback along with traffic data, parking utilization, and recommendations in our freight, transit, bike, and pedestrian master plans. Along with repaving, our goals are to better organize the street to improve safety and predictability for everyone; provide safe transportation options; and maintain access to local destinations and businesses.

To meet these goals and provide clearly designated space for people walking, biking, taking the bus, or driving, we’re moving forward with the current design. We’ve developed a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions that address many questions we’ve heard over the last several months. In response to your feedback, we’re also planning:

  • A new pedestrian crossing beacon at the existing crosswalk at NE 60th St
    • This is in addition to the pedestrian crossing beacon we’ll install at the crosswalk at NE 80th St as part of the Your Voice, Your Choice program
    • Future intersection improvements are also planned for NE 68th St as part of a neighborhood greenway we’re installing through the NE 65th St Vision Zero project
  • To conduct before and after speed/volume studies on neighborhood streets to determine if traffic calming measures may be warranted

We’re also working with several businesses and institutions to take a closer look at on-street parking, particularly near the library.

Preparing for construction
We’ll continue to be in touch as we approach construction, which is currently planned to begin this spring/summer. Over the next few months, we’ll work closely with businesses along 35th to understand specific commercial loading and access needs. Our goal is to minimize impacts to the extent feasible, and we encourage businesses or residents to get in touch with us early to communicate unique access needs.

During construction, we’ll share regular updates via email and distribute flyers in advance of work near affected properties. Our outreach team will be available to help address any access issues that may arise and we’re coordinating with the 25th Ave NE Paving Project to sequence work to minimize impacts.

Construction on 35th is divided into 3 zones:

  • Zone A: NE 45th St to NE 55th St (including coordination with 25th Ave Paving project)
  • Zone B: NE 55th St to NE 65th St (no paving work, only street restriping)
  • Zone C: NE 65th St to NE 89th St

We’ll have more construction details in the coming months and will share information as it becomes available.

Please share this link to sign up to receive construction updates by email.

35th Paving Outreach Team
Seattle Department of Transportation
(206) 512-3950 Please note our new project phone number

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