35th Ave NE Project – construction starts as soon as mid-June

The 35th Ave NE Project Outreach Team provided the following update on Friday, May 18.

Construction starts as soon as mid-June 2018
We’ve hired a contractor for our project on 35th Ave NE and are gearing up for construction to begin as early as mid-June. Read on for more about what to expect while we build the improvements, which include paving and street design changes to enhance safety and provide more transportation options. Look for more detailed information from us in the coming weeks.

Click to view a larger map and our construction factsheet

Work zones
We’ve divided the project area into 3 work zones. Crews may work in multiple zones at once, but these work areas will help you know what, when, and where major work is happening.

  • Zone A: NE 45th St to NE 55th St (including coordination with 25th Ave NE Paving Project)
  • Zone B: NE 55th St to NE 65th St (no paving work, only street restriping)
  • Zone C: NE 65th St to NE 89th St

We know construction can be disruptive and we’ll work to minimize impacts and get the work done efficiently. We’ll maintain pedestrian access to homes and businesses at all times. Please continue to eat, shop, and visit 35th throughout construction!

What to expect during construction
See below for a snapshot of what to expect during construction or view our construction factsheet for more detail. We’ll share more information in the coming weeks.

  • Construction impacts that are typical of this kind of paving work include, but are not limited to: on-street parking restrictions, periodic traffic detours to nearby arterials, lane shifts around work zones, partial street closures, and pedestrian and bicycle detours around work zones.
  • Work hours will typically be weekdays during the day, but some nighttime and weekend construction work may be needed to minimize impacts.
  • You can expect to hear normal construction noises, like engines and other equipment, as well as louder noises, like pavement cutting.
  • Short-term driveway restrictions, typically about an hour, will be needed when we remove the existing asphalt and when we pave new asphalt. We’ll notify you in advance.
  • Regular updates via email and flyers distributed in advance of work near affected properties. Our outreach team will work with you to address any issues that may arise during construction.

Stay informed
Please forward this email to those you think will be interested and encourage your neighbors, customers, or tenants to sign up on our webpage to receive construction updates by email. You can find more background about this project on our webpage, including how the new street design will better organize the street to improve safety for everyone.

We’re coordinating with other projects in your neighborhood to minimize impacts. See the links below to learn more about these projects.

  • 25th Ave NE Paving Project
  • NE 65th St Vision Zero Project

35th Ave NE Project Outreach Team
(206) 512-3950

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