Intersection Painting at Thornton Creek Elementary

A message from our neighbors at Thornton Creek Elementary…

Hello neighbors,

My name is Tristan Osborn and I represent parents from Thornton Creek Elementary, a Seattle Public School located at 7712 40th Ave NE, Seattle, 98115 in the Wedgwood neighborhood.

Concern has been raised by parents regarding unsafe traffic conditions, especially during drop-off and pick-up times. We have taken several steps to enhance pedestrian safety in our neighborhood, including the installation of crossing flags at key pedestrian crosswalks around the school and the successful request of a funded crossing guard for NE 77th Street where it crosses 40th Ave NE. Parent volunteers have also developed a traffic flow plan and have installed SDOT yard signs to remind drivers to be cautious while driving.

The idea of an intersection painting began as a traffic calming measure, and developed into a sense of community pride and public art. Intersection paintings are public art projects with the purpose of creating “community identity” and “helping to slow traffic in your neighborhood… encouraging (drivers) to be more respectful while driving down your street.” (quoted from Seattle Department of Transportation Client Assistance Memo 2506).

We are hoping to install an intersection painting within the drop-off zone on the street adjoining the campus of the Thornton Creek Elementary (NE 80th St near the intersection with 42nd Ave NE, northern edge of the school campus). We have over 40 parents committed to volunteering their time designing and installing the project, and are pursuing a neighborhood matching fund grant through the city.

The cost to neighbors would be zero, but I want to ensure neighbor awareness and solicit feedback from neighbors about this project and the design. The date of install is not yet selected, but likely will be late August 2019 (possibly Labor Day weekend). The block in question (NE 80th St) would be closed to through traffic for about 24 hours while the paint is applied and allowed to dry.

I’ve attached a preliminary site plan. The dragonfly was selected as the mascot for Thornton Creek Elementary, but someone more artistic than myself will design the final painting. I’ve also attached the traffic control plan, which as mentioned will affect neighbors for approximately 24 hours.

Please comment to this thread with your support, or with concerns about this project, and/or feedback and suggestions. You can send me a private message if preferred. Please comment whether you support this idea or not to give me a better sense of overall community support.

Thank you for your time!

2 Replies to “Intersection Painting at Thornton Creek Elementary”

  1. Hi Tristan,

    There are two schools on the site. Have you reached out to the Decatur community? It doesn’t feel very inclusive or community focused to have a dragon fly which represents only one of the schools.

    I am sure the Decatur community would also like to be included.

  2. I have reached out to PTA at Decatur, apparently they will be sending an email to the Decatur parent email list soon.

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