New left-turn signals at NE 75th St

A 35th Ave NE Project update from SDOT …

New left-turn signals at NE 75th St
We’ve heard from many of you throughout this project with requests for protected left-turn signals at NE 75th St. During our ongoing evaluation of operations on the corridor, we’ve determined that these protected left-turn arrows met our current guidelines. Earlier this week, new signals were installed on the existing poles and wires. We plan to upgrade the signal poles at a later date, likely next year.

What’s next
As you know, we lowered the speed limit along 35th Ave NE from 30 mph to 25 mph in July. We plan to collect updated speed data next month following this change. We also plan to collect updated pedestrian crossing counts at locations that were requested by the community (NE 50th, NE 77th, and NE 87th streets) to evaluate possible locations for additional marked crosswalks. The first counts were done before the end of the school year to include school walking trips. At that time, none of these locations had high enough pedestrian numbers to warrant marked crosswalks, but we are repeating these counts to see if there has been a change.

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