Development of Wedgwood’s New Park Suspended

The WCC has been notified by Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) that in response to significant revenue losses as a result of COVID-19 which impacts the city’s 2020 budget, the city and SPR are suspending $10 million in capital project work. Included in the suspended work is the development of the city’s five land-banked park properties, of which our new park is one. Unfortunately, there is no known time frame when the new park will be developed or what its name will be. SPR has simply noted that they will work to secure funding in future budget cycles.

We know this is a massive disappointment for our whole community, even though we may appreciate the realities of the budget challenges our city faces with its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you may recall, it has been 12-years since the 2008 Parks and Open Green Space Levy identified Wedgwood as being park deficient and allocating resources for park acquisition in our neighborhood. Ten (10) years since the WCC began our pursuit to acquire a new park site with a tremendous community response and show of support for the current park site. And 7 years since the City Council formally authorized the acquisition of the former Morningside Substation by the SPR for our new park.

We had believed we were done with the need to advocate on behalf of the community to develop this park. But, unfortunately, our advocacy will resume again. We will also continue to advocate for a trail through the Inverness Ravine to improve recreation opportunities and connectivity along the east side of Wedgwood. If you would like to help us with any of this, please contact us! We don’t bite…

Lastly, the WCC would really like to thank the Wedgwood Garden Club for its sustained interest and support for the development of the new Wedgwood park. We cannot thank them enough. We also want to thank Think Big Wedgwood for the ongoing activation of the new park space.

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