Wedgwood Ale House – More 35th Ave NE changes perhaps on the horizon, which we’re monitoring…

Note: This post has been revised since it was first published.

In February, we posted of about potential changes along 35th Ave NE that we were/are monitoring with:

Today, we learned that two parcels (Wedgwood Ale House and the Wedgwood Apartments [no, a different one from above]) have been co-listed for sale ($4.05M). The fact that properties are listed for sale does not mean that the properties will be redeveloped or that the Wedgwood Ale House will leave, but the dual listing could be tempting for a developer looking for pre-assembled development sites. And for those of us who have enjoyed a pint with the friendly servers, loved the fish and chips and burgers served up at the Wedgwood Ale House, and have had a round of pool in their backroom, we’ll be on tenterhooks over the uncertainty of this establishment. Update: Since publishing this, we have spoken to the realtor of the property who noted that Wedgwood Ale House has a long-term lease and that he does not anticipate these parcels will be redeveloped any time soon.

Let’s all re-enjoy Valarie’s fantastic article on Wedgwood’s two pubs – Wedgwood Ale House and the Fiddler. In her article, Valarie notes that the Wedgwood Ale House is the first business to adopt “Wedgwood” into its name.

Meanwhile, we have reached out to the listing agents to inform them of the Future 35th Ave NE plan and the community-developed proactive plan for 35th Ave NE.

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