Add your voice to Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Strategic Plan for its park facilities

Seattle Parks and Recreation published its strategic plan in March 2020. However, as the covid pandemic demanded the city’s emergency response, the implementation of the Strategic Plan was put on hold. Now the city is asking residents for feedback on how their needs have shifted or evolved given the pandemic and they would like your feedback via an online Open House and survey.

Wedgwood has 4 park properties and Picardo P-Patch within our boundary. The park properties include Dahl Playfield, Inverness Ravine Park (virtually inaccessible), a small triangular property known as Wedgwood Square at 31st Ave NE and NE 82nd Street, and the undeveloped land-banked park site at 35th Ave NE and NE 86th Street. The latter of these park properties has been the focus of our community’s efforts to expand park property within our community for over a decade and which was funded for development for the summer of 2020 until the covid pandemic diverted the funding to the city’s emergency response (very appropriately, we might add).

If you would like to lend your voice to this Open House survey, you might consider reminding Seattle Parks and Recreation of how excited we are as a community for funding to be re-appropriated for the development of our future park site.

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