Think Big, Wedgwood Community Survey

Congratulations to our friends at Think Big, Wedgwood, on winning a grant from the Department of Neighborhoods to develop new street light pole banners on 35th!

Please take a moment to fill out a brief, anonymous survey to help this neighborhood group design and produce banners for our main street. You can make a difference by sharing your thoughts on Wedgwood’s community identity and public art. Learn more about the project below:

Think Big, Wedgwood is a community group that cares about bringing big ideas to our little corner of the world.  You may know them from activating the future park site at 35th & 86th with the George Floyd mural. That was just one of their big ideas! The scope and purpose of their recently funded art project is to create a sense of unity in our neighborhood through art that communicates that Wedgwood Welcomes All. They will add roughly 25 banners along the 35th Ave business district between 75th & 95th in Wedgwood.  This project is supported by the Wedgwood Community Council and the City of Seattle Dept of  Neighborhoods. The new banners will be installed in early 2022. 

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