Rewatch our April 2023 Board Meeting

We know there was great interest in our recent April board meeting, but not everyone was able to join.  Usually, we simply link to recordings of our past meetings in our meeting minutes.  However, given the interest, we have posted the recording of our April board meeting here for more people to watch.  We appreciate all of our guests and those who joined and contributed to the dialogue.

Regarding the Wedgwood Center redevelopment proposal, you can find more information and share your comments, ideas, and preferences with them through the website Security Properties has set up:  We are already coordinating with Security Properties on future presentations and additional ways to engage with the community.  Stay tuned.

For more information on Tent City 3, which is currently being hosted for 3 months on the University Unitarian Church’s parking lot, you can find more information on UUC’s Tent City 3 website here:

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