Help Wedgwood prepare for an earthquake or other disaster

Wedgwood has an Emergency Communications Hub at the Hunter Tree Farm, located at 7744 35th Ave NE.  This Hub is equiped to function as a gathering place for sharing information and resources in the event of an emergency. The Hub will serve as a communications center for neighbors to give and receive help. For example, there is a message board or share information received via radio from the City.  We are looking for volunteers to help plan our Hub drills and community outreach. Folks with Ham and/or GMRS radio experience are especially needed. But no experience necessary; come learn with us! 

Email if you are interested in getting involved.  And sign up for our NE Seattle Prepares Google Group to stay informed.  

It is important to note that the Hub does not have emergency supplies. Instread, households should consider the following:

  • Prepare a Disaster Plan for how to get in touch with one another and where to go in case of the need to evacuate.
  • Create (or refresh) an emergency preparedness kit, using the hlepful guidelines prepared by the City’s Office of Emergency Management. Build your preparedness kit in a rolling bin or suitcase and place in an accessible place, such as a garage or shed. The kit can contain water, food, first aid, tools, medications and printed prescription info, and lists of telephone contacts.

The spring and summer months are ideal times to network with neighbors for block-level preparedness.  Have a barbecue and exchange contact info with neighbors so you can get in touch with eachother when needed. Create a list of skills and supplies for your block.  The Map Your Neighborhood program has idea lists, how-to suggestions on organizing your block and preparedness information.

So join us in helping to prepare our households, blocks, and community for a

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