2023 Wedgwood Summer Picnic Canceled

It’s with heavy hearts that we have had to cancel the 2023 Wedgwood Summer Picnic which we had been planning for September 16th.  Unfortunately, the sponsorship and fundraising hadn’t progressed as much as we needed in order to make the event a reality and the WCC doesn’t have the resources to cover the event solely.

While this is a massive bummer, this isn’t a reflection of low interest or support.  It’s more likely a reflection of a delayed start on our end and lessons learned for future years.  Organizing an event like the summer picnic requires a lot of effort by a load of volunteers.  We’re super grateful to all of the volunteers who have helped this year.  We’re grateful that they are interested in helping with next year’s event and are already making plans for the 2024 summer picnic to be a success.

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