A Message from the Wedgwood Ale House’s Future Owner

Update: Per Johnson, the president of the Wedgwood Community Council, met with the future owner of the Wedgwood Ale House building and summarized his meeting HERE. Hopefully additional details in this more recent meeting clarifies some of the questions raised in this statement.

Original post:

The following statement was provided to the Wedgwood Community Council by the future owner of the Wedgwood Ale House building.  As described below, the new owner plans some renovations to the Wedgwood Ale House.  From our conversations with him, we also understand that the kitchen remodel will facilitate new and different food offerings as well.  Further, we understand from the new owner that the existing employees may be able to continue working at the Wedgwood Ale House following the remodel and that temporary work may be available to them by the new owner during the transition.

Renovation – Wedgewood Ale House

Upcoming renovation plan for Wedgewood Ale House.  Our objective is to breathe new life into the establishment, both inside and out, to enhance its appeal and functionality.

Interior Renovations:

Kitchen: The kitchen is set to undergo comprehensive renovation, including the replacement of
malfunctioning equipment, installation of a new drainage system, and the addition of grease traps to
ensure compliance with current standards.

Bathroom: We plan to remodel the bathrooms to bring them up to the current code, ensuring a modern
and compliant facility.

Dining Areas: The dining areas will receive a substantial update, encompassing new flooring, ceilings,
electrical enhancements, revamped seating, and improvements to the bar area.

Cloud Kitchen Setup: The back half of the building will be converted into a larger cloud kitchen setup to
cater to evolving culinary trends and demands.

Exterior Upgrades:

HVAC System: The HVAC system on the roof will be updated to improve overall climate control and
energy efficiency.

Building Exterior: A fresh coat of paint will be applied to the building exterior, and the front seating area
will be updated to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing ambiance.


We anticipate that the renovation process will span between 3 to 5 months. During this period, we will
make every effort to minimize disruptions and inconvenience.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transformative period for Wedgewood
Ale House. Our goal is to create a vibrant and updated space that will benefit both the business and the

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to your support in
this exciting venture.

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  1. This is terrible. The Ale house is such loved establishment by the community. It’s welcoming with familiar faces who have been there for years. I am so disappointed that this is happening. I am so so sad.

  2. None of the employees nor the current owner have been informed of any of this. Either the new building owner is lying, or it appears they simply plan on stealing the Ale House from Kip. Absolutely horrendous.

  3. Not going to be the same without the old crew – and here’s to hoping the updates don’t ruin any of the charm of the place. Can’t call it the Ale House anymore if you get rid of the horseshoe bar.

      1. It can’t legally be the Ale House anymore at all, horseshoe bar or not. The building owners didn’t buy the business from Kip. It’s not theirs to “reopen.”

  4. Thanks for posting this info. And thanks to the new owners for responding to community concerns.

    Some questions to pass along:
    – Will the current family dining area be converted into new kitchen space or remain as dining?
    – Will the current pool hall be converted to new kitchen space or remain as dining? If dining, will any pool tables remain?
    – Will the front “bar” area be 21+ or will it be licensed for all-ages?
    – Which current alehouse menu items (with same recipes) will be available?
    – What is the planned tapped keg count?
    – Will there be a takeout retrieval window in the alleyway to minimize disruption to diners and facilitate quicker order handovers for the ghost kitchen business?

    1. We’ve been told the ale house space will remain generally as is with the bar. But, the specifics of the remodel are unknown at this point and we haven’t had a chance to loook up any permits for approved plans.

      1. Building plans through SDCI’s website say the back space will be “Masala Kitchen” FYI. Lots of different plan variations dating back to the beginning of November, some of which showed using the entire building space – so I’m wondering if this was the compromise ultimately.

  5. wait what? so now it’s transformative? so kip and crew are just being ejected in a hostile takeover. what a shadowy new owner. this is not “exciting” to learn of this TWO WEEKS before the end.

    “benefit the business” means it’s being continued, as well, not shuttered and reborn as something ELSE. so it means kip and crew are completely just ousted. wow.

    1. It certainly doesn’t sound like this person is hoping to make any friends or retain any regulars with this approach. Hard to think about wanting to go back if someone who clearly doesn’t understand the heart of the business is forcing clearly very unpopular change.

  6. The Wedgwood Ale House is owned by Kip. As far as I know, he didn’t sell them the business. Can they legally even “reopen” under the same name?? And no one who currently works there has heard a word from these people. So shady and dishonest.

  7. Ok, I’m confused. I thought the Ale House was shutting down on Dec. 28th eventually to become an Indian restaurant. So now the bar will be “saved” but with some remodeling and brand new owners??? I liked Kip.. always greeted with a smile and wonderful food and service. Anyone have the updated facts??

    1. The updated facts are: it’s illegal for the building owners to reopen as the Wedgwood Ale House. They don’t own the business, Kip does, and he didn’t sell it to them. They served him with a notice to vacate—which means a notice for the Ale House to vacate—by the end of this year. It seems the new owners of the building are attempting to play this off like a simple transition when what they’re claiming is actually illegal.

  8. Way to not get the whole story, Wedgwood Community Council.

    These people bought the building that houses The Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe. They did NOT buy the business that is The Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe.
    And they bought it knowing that it houses a 30-year-old neighborhood institution and they don’t care. They will say they offered the current owner of the business a new lease, but the lease and the behavior of the new building owner were such that remaining would be untenable. The new owner of the building has no legal claim on the business name or the business. It was never for sale. It will not remain “The Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe” under the new building owner. It will be something completely different.

    BTW, there was another offer being put together to purchase the building by people who would have allowed the Ale House to remain open. The listing agent knew about it and pushed this offer through. In no way are the previous owners of the building responsible for that – they were acting on the advice the agent. But this situation could have been very different.

    Everyone in the family of people who has come to know and love the Ale House knows what happened. And we will not forget, nor will many of us patronize the new business that goes into that space or any related business.

  9. Can you guys like ACTUALLY get the new owners to talk to folks? Saying “if you have questions and concerns please reach out” and then providing no contact information isn’t exactly inviting an open conversation.

  10. Whatever is bring done in the space will not be the Wedgwood Alehouse, whatever name they slap on it. Certainly nobody I know has plans to spend a penny after Kip’s business and staff were treated like this after 30 years. “Improvements” are not what any of us are looking for – we don’t frequent the Alehouse for a new and novel experience, but to see exactly who and what we already know and love.

  11. I moved to this neighborhood because of its location. Not only is it close to work, the area is walkable and has some lovely shops and small businesses.

    When I moved into my condominium, which overlooks the Wedgwood laundromat, the real estate agent said “You see that building…” referring to the laundromat, Javista and offices “ that’ll be gone in 10 years” it was not a selling point.

    Albeit The Ale House will be no more, I am thrilled that it’s not being converted into a distribution center or some other ubiquitous service but will also be a warm and inviting gathering place for the community.

    1. It won’t be. It will likely be a ghost kitchen. No community gathering space. And even if they try to make one, there is no good will toward them after this.

  12. Who else is noticing that the new owner doesn’t even know how to spell “Wedgwood” the way it is spelled for our neighborhood?

    Is the new owner planning on opening the “Wedgewood Ale House” – thus skirting Kip’s business ownership in the correctly spelled business (for our neighborhood?).

  13. If the new “owners” did not technically buy the Ale House, why does Kip have to close up and leave? I think he should get a good lawyer and sue – I firmly believe the Wedgwood Ale House is worth fighting for.

    1. Because they bought the building and now hold the lease. The owners of the building can kick out any business that currently inhabit it, which is what they’ve done. The business belongs to Kip, who bought it from Rob before Rob passed away, but Rob still owned the building. The building is what was sold, not the business. The new owners of the building can’t legally claim a business they didn’t buy.

  14. As all the local establishments are being pushed out by developers, we can say goodbye to Wedgewood’s charm. When I moved into the neighborhood it was like I found my “hometown” within the city. I don’t like the direction the neighborhood is taking, and tried several years ago to work with the council to slow this down. Take the history out of the neighborhood and it will just be a street in Seattle. And with all the problems Seattle has that’s not something to celebrate.

  15. Nothing says “I’m looking forward to being part of the community” more than misspelling it.

    I’m so sorry to see the Alehouse go. In particular, the kids room behind has been SUCH a big part of this neighborhood for 20 years — enabling new parents like I was at the time to still come and enjoy a pint while our kids could be kids with other kids and it was all cool. All parents smiled when a toddler would climb over the back of the booths, cuz we’ve all been there and those are great memories.

    To our neighborhood council, I’d really like to ask you to help figure out where we could rehome some core places in the neighborhood (cuz the Broiler is also something we should keep!). A ghost kitchen and replacement bar that is DOA with an ownership group that clearly doesn’t care to be part of the community ain’t gonna be it.

  16. Good to see reaction from the neighborhood. Time is ticking for businesses that give Wedgwood a neighborhood vibe but it will take alot of work.
    I was looking all over and don’t see the name of the purchaser. Shouldn’t it be full disclosure?

  17. We will sooooooo miss our Wedgewood Alehouse. It was truly our “Cheers” where they knew you by name and we knew all staff by name as well. My hubby and I are beyond sad. May the Alehouse staff feel their feels, grieve the family they have built, and then may you all have positive work adventures moving forward. We will miss you sooooooooo much!!!!

  18. What an insult to the neighborhood. Not only that the new landlord is kicking out the Ale House, but that he’s bringing in not one but three “ghost kitchens” to serve up slop for delivery apps.

  19. What a shame…. so disheartening. Although not a resident of Wedgwood myself it’s always been the “little hidden gem” in the city to me.
    A sense of community, with friendly neighbors that become your family. By all means I wouldn’t consider myself a regular at the Alehouse and didn’t know all by name, I live in snohomish county, but would always bring visiting out of town friends or family to the Alehouse bcuz that’s just a unique fantastic place you don’t find just anywhere.
    Unfortunately I wont be making the drive to Wedgwood with the Alehouse gone, I will NOT step foot in that building again. I can’t support an entrepreneur or business owner who lacks integrity and the wherewithal to care about what they are taking away from an entire community. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Closing an establishment with such rich meaningful history to open a new business that doesn’t even seem to support the immediate community is just gross to me. A “ghost kitchen”? isn’t that another way of saying slinging cheap “takeout” via Delivery apps? Or food most likely being driven outside the immediate area/community? The way this has been handled is shady, greedy and shameful and lacks respect and integrity.
    City council… wake up! The landscape is changing, moving in a direction that is slowly dismantling everything charming about Wedgwood. Do you not value the very reasons most residents chose to call Wedgwood home? Preserve, protect and fight to maintain this on behalf of them.
    Not that it matters but i get the feeling Mr Sharma isn’t a resident of Wedgwood or he wouldn’t be doing this to his neighbors

  20. I am excited to see what becomes of the Wedgewood Ale House. I would love to see the poolroom go back to having two tables. My only complaint is that I can’t beat my buddy in pool there. I hope a remodeling of the space will lead to a remodeling of my game.

  21. Very sad. I moved out of Wedgwood a few years ago, but came back regularly for the Ale House. And Thai of Wedgwood. There’s so many Indian food places, but not that many places have both good beer and good food.

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