A Wedgwood Center Redevelopment Update, Provided by Security Properties

On December 5th and then again on December 13th, Security Properties presented 3 site plans for the Wedgwood Center redevelopment that they are developing ahead of their Early Design Review meeting with the City in early 2024.  Unfortunately, our initial attempt of streaming their presentation during the December 13th meeting didn’t go as planned.  However, you can open the handout from that meeting clicking the picture on the right.  Further, below is their presentation of their site plan alternatives at our board meeting on December 5th which covers pretty much the same information minus some of the Q&A.

Please note that this project is very early in the design review process.  The design and site plans shown are referred to as “massing concepts,” which basically show the size and shape of the proposed development within the site.  Future design meetings, once the city agrees on an approved massing concept, will get into the specifics of the materials and site layout.

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