The Wedgwood Community Council Condemns Antisemitism

Wedgwood and NE Seattle generally is home to a proud and thriving Jewish community supported by numerous synagogues, Jewish schools, and community resources.  For some Jews, their home literally encompasses Wedgwood as part of their eruv. 

However, like our Black and Brown neighbors, Jews have been historically subject to racist lending and real estate practices that precluded them from purchasing homes in more desirable parts of communities.  This often continued through racial covenants placed on properties in communities advertised as “Restricted Neighborhoods.”  Albert Balch, the developer of Wedgwood, was well known to advertise his neighborhoods as restricted neighborhoods even after the Supreme Court ruled these practices to be unconstitutional.  Nevertheless, the Wedgwood in Seattle History blog is filled with stories of how Jewish people, communities, and synagogues established and thrived in Wedgwood and our neighboring communities and contributed to shaping the neighborhood we love. 

We are grateful to have such an incredibly vibrant and diverse Jewish community within our neighborhood and in NE Seattle.  The rise of antisemitism within our country and culture is abhorrent.  We believe Jews have the right to feel safe and an invaluable part of our neighborhood.  The Wedgwood Community Council stands with our Jewish neighbors to condemn antisemitism in all its forms. 

We support true equity and hope to create a community that is welcoming, inclusive, and safe for everyone.  Wedgwood Welcomes All.

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