Wedgwood Center Update: Security Properties Releases their Early Design Guidance (EDG) Package

Security Properties, the developer of the Wedgwood Center property, has released their Early Design Guidance (EDG) package for their upcoming meeting with the NE Seattle Design Review Board.  Click HERE or the image to the right to download the EDG package.  The EDG meeting has not yet been scheduled, but it’s likely to be in late February or early March.

The EDG meeting is Security Properties’ first opportunity to present their three alternative development concepts for the Wedgwood Center for feedback from citizen panel comprised of residents and technical professoinals to weight in.  This follows earlier coordination with planners with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI).  The three alternative concepts present reflect the developers “massing studies,” which basically just means presenting three different exterior shells or masses of redevelopment on the Wedgwood Center property in order to evaluate the site plans and how they relate to the property, the pedestrian, and the community scales.  The specifics around architectural and landscape design, atraffic patterns, and other project-specific elements will come after they massing (shell) of the proposed redevelopment is approved and the site plan is set.  There will lots of opportunities to provide feedback to Security Properties, the Design Review Board, and the City on these issues after the site plan is approved.

Within the EDG package, Security Properties presents 3 concepts as shown in the summary below or on Page 25 of the EDG package.

More detail on the 3 concepts can be found on Page 26 (Concept A), Page 31 (Concept B), and Page 36 (Concept C – Preferred).  While the concepts have evolved over the last several months, including since Security Properties presented their plans to us in December 2023, they generally appear to remain similar to what has been presented previously.  We will allow the EDG package to speak for itself.  However, we are working with the Security Properties team to join us again before the EDG meeting occurs to explain the plans a bit further.  Look out for those notifications on our website and via our newsletter (sign up here!).

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