Astra, Wedgwood’s Culturally Modified Western Red Cedar, Has Been Killed

According to Axios, the western red cedar that had been named Astra and identified as a culturally-moidified tree, has been killed.  Astra had initially been saved from its felling by a housing developer, who had a permit issued by the City under a relatively new tree ordinance, when activities organized and took residence in the tree itself.  However, we understand that sometime last week Astra was girdled, where a trees bark is cut all the way around the trunk and therefore permanently severs the tree’s ability to circulate nutrients to from its roots to its leaves and ultimately kills the tree.

Axios reports that the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection is investigating the damage, which carries a civil penalty and a fine for the person responsible.

Our condolensese to Astra, those working to preserve trees in Seattle, and to the Snoqualmie Tribe who declared the tree to be a culturally-modified tree.  We will provide more information when/if there is an udpate.

2 Replies to “Astra, Wedgwood’s Culturally Modified Western Red Cedar, Has Been Killed”

  1. Legacy Capital needs to pay a large fine that really hurts them and stops them from continuing this behavior.

  2. After all the effort, the time and energy and good will generated by the saving of a legacy tree, I am just sitting here – crying. What is happening to people. What is happening to their hearts. Where has reverence for life, the concept of kinship, and humility gone?

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