Wedgwood Center Revelopment Update – Posts EDG #1 Status

Security Properties presented 3 massing concepts to the Northeast Design Review board on March 25th.  The meeting kicked off with a presentation from Security Properties discussing their 3 different proposals (link), followed by questions from individual members from the Northeast Design Review Board, 20+ public comments, and then a disucssion amongst the Northeast Design Review Board.  By the end of the meeting, the Northeast Design Review Board preferred Security Properties Concept C and some of their 4 requested departures with additional analysis on specific concepts to be presented at a future Early Design Gudiance Meeting (EDG #2).  That meeting hasn’t been scheduled.  In short, the general preferred massing concept and site plan that Security Properties presented was largely favored with some additional tweaks to be addressed at a future meeting.  We will share more information on this EDG #2 when it becomes available.

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