Emergency Prep

We live in a beautiful part of the world, but Seattle is not immune to disasters.  The most likely type of disaster we face is an earthquake, but there other possibilities.  The Wedgwood Community Council takes the stance that “Any preparations completed prior to a disaster will reduce the impact of that disaster.”  Given that motto, we are trying to get people involved on the individual, block, and community levels.

In 2012, we received a grant from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods to promote preparedness.  Over the duration of this year, we will be hosting meetings and drills, all focused on drawing attention to emergency preparedness and what resources there are in the community.  We also are working on creating a basic emergency plan for the Wedgwood and NE Seattle communities.

If you are interested in helping educate the community or have questions for us, please email » NE Seattle Prepares.  If you simply want to stay informed via periodic email, please provide your information in the form below.

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