Building 11 Update

For those interested in the controversy around Building 11 at Magnuson Park, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw recently posted a status update and summary of the July 7th meeting.  While the WCC has not been intimately involved in this process, we have formally written to the City in opposition to the deal struck between the City and Building 11, LLC.  You can read what the opponents of this deal, Friends of Building 11, have to say here.

Bernie Matsuno Appointed Permanent Director of Department of Neighborhoods

Congratulations are in order for Bernie Matsuno, who was appointed the permanent director of the Department of Neighborhoods earlier this week by Mayor McGinn.  Her appointment comes following the stepping down of Stella Chow, the previous director, back in January.  Ms. Matsuno now awaits the City Councils confirmation.

Department of Neighborhoods Director Stepping Down

Publicola is reporting that Stella Chao, the Director of the Department of Neighborhoods, will be stepping down on January 31st.  Chao has been the Director for 4 years.  Her announcement comes after conversations with Mayor McGinn, although neither she nor the mayor are saying her resignation is due to performance. The DON is a vital City department for organizations such as the Wedgwood Community Council.  The grants that they issue and oversee are directly responsible for community-driven projects and activities, like the Vision Plan.  This follows difficult cuts and decisions at the DON as part of the City’s 2011 budget, which Read More …