Densification in Western Wedgwood

Between NE 85th to 95th Streets the western border of the Wedgwood neighborhood is along Lake City Way NE.  Because this is in a commercial zone, the adjacent housing is becoming more and more dense with multifamily housing projects.  The latest to break ground is at the corner NE 85th Street directly across 20th Ave NE from Growler Guys.

Murray Franklyn/JCC Site Update

Recently, For Sale signs popped up on the old Jewish Community Center (JCC) site, which is currently owned by Murray Franklyn.  Recently, the building has been the scene of graffiti and miscellaneous junk.  However, most of Wedgwood knows this site to be the scene of a proposed multi-story and multi-use condo project that sparked community opposition.  You can read a history of the opposition on the Wedgwood Action Group blog (not currently being updated) or see the details of the agreement here.  When the economy started to turn, the funding for the condo project dried up and it was never Read More …