Light the Holidays with Seahawks Colors

In the dark winter season candles are a good way to express the festive holiday mood.  You can light up the night, glow with Seahawks team colors and support Ryther in Wedgwood all at the same time, with an order from the glassybaby store in University Village this Saturday, November 5th.

Get Your Pumpkins This Weekend

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 25 to 27 is the final weekend of pumpkin sales at the Hunter Farm Pumpkin Patch, 7744 35th Ave NE.  There are still plenty of pumpkins available, and don’t forget to get an extra one to donate for kids at Ryther.  Ryther is a non-profit in Wedgwood which offers behavioral health services for children and families facing complex challenges.  There are forty-eight children in residential treatment at Ryther, 2400 NE 95th Street.  Ryther is staffed around the clock by counselors and psychologists who guide, coach and teach in order that the children may have a Read More …