University Trailer Park Residents Speak Out

This year a commercial developer will acquire the University Trailer Park at 2101 NE 88th Street from the long-time owner, Mr. Franklin Evans. The trailer park’s residents have to move out by June 2017, when construction is scheduled to begin on a cluster of townhouses. Recently, residents publicized their plight with a series of signs along Lake City Way NE.

Design Review Part Two: the Trailer Park to Townhouses Project

Part of the process of application to do a new commercial development is to submit plans to the City of Seattle’s Design Review Board.  On Monday, November 21st, the latest update was given on a project to build a cluster of townhouses on the present site of University Trailer Park, 2101 NE 88th Street.  Located at the western edge of Wedgwood at Lake City Way NE, there is a single entrance to the trailer park from NE 88th Street.