Thank You

Thank you for supporting Wedgwood and the Wedgwood Community Council!

The WCC offers a number of ways for you to be informed about what’s going on in our community. You can keep an eye in this web site, sign up for our newsletter, and of course you can reach out to us with questions at any time. Our monthly board meetings are also open to the community, we post notices about meetings times on this website.

Thank you again for your support.  If you are new to the WCC, welcome and thanks for joining our efforts.  If you are a renewing member, we thank you for continuing to help us make Wedgwood a great place to live!


The Members of the Board of the Wedgwood Community Council

One Reply to “Thank You”

  1. Hello. I’d like to organize a cleanup/ invasive plant removal at the Daul Playfield sometime! Ive done this on my own but it would be good to get some community help in this.

    Also, I’d like to learn how to do some plantings in the divider strip on 27th and 80th NE. The shrubs here were mowed down by parks and there is no visual barrier anymore between all the cars circling for pickup at the school below. Perhaps its considered a street end, and requires permits?

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