Big Willow at Dahl Playfield to Be Removed

UPDATE: September 28, 2006

The tree was cut down yesterday. Wedgwood resident Rich Ellison of Save Seattle’s Trees took photos.

August 4, 2006

The Seattle Parks Department intends to remove the large willow tree at Dahl Playfield to protect public safety. The tree is a potential hazard to park users who may be under or near the tree when large branches eventually break off. During the rainy season, the base of the tree becomes a small pond large enough to attract ducks.

Friends of Dahl Playfield and other park neighbors acknowledge the hazard, but have also learned that regular maintenance can make the tree viable for another 10-15 years.

Dahl Playfield renovation plans do not call for the removal of the willow tree. However, donations from Temple Beth Am made it possible for Friends of Dahl Playfield to purchase an additional willow to be planted this fall alongside the existing willow tree. If the existing willow must be removed, the City will plant two new trees on site. Professionals will carefully select new trees to match the wet conditions.

Friends of Dahl Playfield urges those with strong feelings about cutting or keeping the tree to call Mark Mead, Parks Department, at 684-4113.

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