Bring $50,000 to Greater Wedgwood!

CleanScapes (you know, the folks in the bright green and orange trucks that collect our garbage on Wednesdays?), has an AMAZING competition going on at this very moment that each and every Wedgwoodian is part of.  It’s called the Seattle Waste Reduction Rewards!  What’s so great about this competition is that whichever community reduces its waste the most receives $50,000 smackaroos.

Wedgwood and the other Wednesday collection communities (includes View Ridge and pieces of the Ravenna and Bryant neighborhoods) are competing against other collection communities for the prize.

The winners for the 2009/2010 prize is going to building a new playground at Washington Park in the Arboretum.

So spread the word and REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, and COMPOST.

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