No Sidewalk Improvements for Wedgwood in 2011

Those that live in Wedgwood, north of 85th, recognize the need for improving sidewalks throughout Wedgwood.  Not only do they provide a critical pedestrian safety network for our schools, but they improve the walkability of our neighborhood and often improve the surface water management on our streets.  Therefore, expanding the sidewalk network throughout Wedgwood as well as other key pedestrian safety improvements is a focal point of the WCC. For this reason, we’re disappointed to see that no new sidewalk improvements will be coming to Wedgwood under the SDOT Bridging the Gap Sidewalk Development Program.  In fact, Pinehurst and Maple Leaf are the only two NE Seattle neighborhoods to get new sidewalks in 2011.

While SDOT uses numerous criteria to prioritize these projects, the WCC is committed to reminding SDOT of Wedgwood’s needs and working towards an expanded network of sidewalks and pedestrian improvements.

The photo is of a great sidewalk constructed with Bridging the Gap funds along the south side of Thornton Creek Elementary following an application submitted by the WCC.

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