Seattle Parks Trying to Fill 3 Vacancies on the Oversight Committee

REMINDER: Today (January 31st) is the last day to apply for the Parks & Open Spaces Levy Oversight Committee!

The Seattle Parks Department and Councilwoman Bagshaw are looking to fill 3 vacancies on the Parks & Open Space Levy Oversight Committee.  You know, the very same levy that provides the acquisition funding which the WCC is encouraging Seattle Parks to use to acquire a new park for north Wedgwood.  The very same levy that funded the Opportunity Fund, which the WCC is hoping to apply to for development of a new park in north Wedgwood should it be acquired by the Parks Department.

The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Advise on expenditures and allocations for each budget year.
  • Establish criteria and an application process, and make recommendations on allocations for the Acquisition and Development Opportunity Fund.
  • Review expenditure of levy proceeds and interest earnings.
  • Provide annual reports to the Mayor and City Council on progress of expenditures and prepare a mid-point report to Seattle citizens.
  • Provide a final report at the end of the six-year levy cycle detailing accomplishments and making recommendations for future funding for parks, recreation, open space, boulevards, trails, athletic fields, forest and stream restoration, shoreline access, community gardens and neighborhood park development.

To be considered, please email » a letter of interest and resume to Susan Golub by January 31, 2011.

Let’s make sure NE Seattle is represented on this committee!

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