City Council Eager to Hear Your Thoughts on the Future of Our Community Centers

The Green Lake Blog has a good post about last week’s community meeting on the future of the community centers.  Apparently, the City Council has requested comments from the public in response to several questions.  Given the role the Meadowbrook, Laurelhurst, and Ravenna-Eckstein Community Centers play in our community, I thought I’d pass it on.  The questions the Council are interested in hearing your ideas on (as described by the Green Lake Blog) are as follows:

1. What community center programs and services do you most value, and why? Which do you least value, and why?
2. What makes a community center inviting to all people? [ages, cultures, languages, genders, fitness levels, abilities, interests, …]
3. What times and days would be most effective for community centers to be open, and why? Should some community centers be open more hours than others?
4. Who do you think the City should partner with to enhance or maintain community center programs and services? [community groups, private fitness centers, companies (REI, Starbucks, etc.), non-profits (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.), other]
5. What is your greatest hope for our community centers? What is your greatest fear for them?

To respond to these comments, submit them online or mail them to Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, Floor 2, PO Box 34025, Seattle, WA 98124-4025, Att’n: Councilmember Sally Bagshaw.

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