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Maybe you weren’t aware that Wedgwood is actively trying to acquire a new park.  Maybe you missed the January 12th meeting that Seattle Parks co-hosted.  Maybe you’ve heard something about Wedgwood’s park acquisition process and wondered “Why there?” “Why not here?” “Why now?” or something to that effect.  Well have no fear, the WCC Parks Committee has attempted to answer some of the more common questions that are brought up. 


For those new to the Wedgwood park acquisition party, here’s a brief primer…

Seattle voters approved a levy to fund parks in 2008.  Park acquisition is part of that levy.  North Wedgwood was specifically identified as an underutilized area by park space and therefore could apply for funds through the levy for acquisition.  So, the WCC began that process in 2010 by soliciting site recommendations from the community.  Many sites were reviewed, but ultimately the site that best met the communities and Park Department’s shared values was the Morningside Substation.  This is a surplussed property owned by Seattle City light at the NW corner of 35th Ave NE and NE 86th St.  The eastern portion of the site is currently occupied by CC & Company salon.  The western portion is the remains of the adjunct substation.

On January 12th, the WCC Parks Committee co-hosted a meeting with Seattle Parks to describe this process and formally recommend the Morningside Substation.  The community was largely in favor of this site as well.  So, Seattle Parks and Seattle City Light have move forward with trying to make this happen.

As of today, the WCC Parks Committee is coordinating with Seattle Parks and the Department of Neighborhoods on an application for a Small & Simple Grant, which the deadline is on May 9th.  We met with Councilmember Sally Bagshaw to describe our process and receive her endorsement, which she was gracious to give.  Our hope is that the property will be formally transfer to Seattle Parks by May and the Department of Neighborhoods awards us a Small & Simple Grant which will allow us to hire a consulting firm to develop community-driven schematic park plans and prepare a cost estimate for construction.

It’s an exciting time to be in Wedgwood!  If you have questions about the Wedgwood park acquisition effort, please email » the Wedgwood Parks Committee.

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