What Do You Think About Changes To Route 65?

Earlier this month, we first reported thanks to a tip from a concerned neighbor about changes that were being considered by METRO to Route 65. Both the Laurelhurst Blog and Seattle Transit Blog have picked up on this story too.  Now METRO has added more information about this possible change to their website and are asking for feedback through April 8th.  They even have a survey for you to fill out.

Based on the information on METRO’s website, the changes wouldn’t go into effect until October 2011 at the earliest since there are some improvements at a couple intersections that would need to occur to accommodate the revised route.  METRO is looking at completing these intersection improvements in conjunction with Children’s Hospital and SDOT.

The Seattle Transit Blog is a fantastic blog for transit related information and coverage, as the blog name would suggest, despite the fact that they can’t spell “Wedgwood” correctly.  Several folks have shared comments on this revision both for and against the changes.  Some suggest that the revision makes a lot of sense to support the new growth and Children’s Hospital and provide a reasonable route for Wedgwood & Meadowbrook Children’s employees to get to work other than driving.  Others, however, seem to think that the revised route through an area with little projected ridership would not justify the increased time (approx. 2-3 minutes per route) and the subsequent costs to serve that route.

So, what do you think? Feel free to leave your comments here, but make sure METRO hears from you if you’re in support or oppose this revision.

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