Sand Point Naval Air Station is Officially Seattle's Latest Historic District!

We reported last month that the Seattle Landmark Preservation Board had nominated the Sand Point Naval Air Station for Seattle’s latest historic district.  A designation that hasn’t been bestowed on another area of Seattle in more than 20 years!  Late last week, the Wedgwood View reported on a tweet from Sally Bagshaw that the Landmark Preservation board had officially voted to approve the new historic district; however, we could not find any additional information describing the outcome of the vote.  Now, the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods has officially issued the news release confirming the vote (7-1 in favor) and describing the new historic district.

The WCC congratulates all of those that have worked tirelessly to achieve this fantastic outcome, especially the Friends of Naval Air Station Seattle who have now worked towards getting the former naval air station recognized by the respective city, state, and federal landmark preservation boards.

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