Wedgwood Area Currently in 4th Place for $50,000 Prize

As reported earlier here and here, CleanScapes has an amazing competition that would bring a $50,000 prize to the neighborhood (collection area) that reduces its waste the most.  Based upon this article in the Queen Anne View, a sister blog of the Wedgwood View, the Wednesday North collection area which includes Wedgwood is in 4th place with a 3% reduction in total waste (garbage, yard, and recycling).  The Tuesday collection routes are currently leading with the Tuesday North collection route at -7.5% and Tuesday Central collection route at -6.8%.

The competition still has a long way to go and we can catch up.  Here are some great tips from CleanScapes on ways to reduce your waste.

Winning is easy: stop waste before it happens. Compost at home. Use a worm bin. Grasscycle. Use refillable water bottles and coffee mugs. Replace paper towels and napkins with cloth kitchen towels and washable napkins. Bring your own bag. Use Tupperware. Reuse. Repair. Buy in bulk. Buy local. Buy second-hand. Share. Trade. Swap. Rent. Donate or sell unwanted items. Print double-sided. Stop junk mail and phonebooks… you get the idea!

Together, we can close the gap and perhaps win $50,000 for our neighborhood!

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