KOMO 4 News to Report on Wedgwood’s Proposed Adult Cabaret Tonight

The local media seems to have begun to pick up on the proposed adult cabaret in Wedgwood in the past couple of days.  First, the Wedgwood View blog posted a story their sister blog (Maple Leaf Life) had originally posted.  This was followed by a Seattle PI post about the proposed adult cabaret.

Now, we understand that KOMO 4 news has interviewed the Executive Director of the Ryther Child Center and Joshua Newman, the President of the Maple Leaf Community Council.  While KOMO reached out to WCC for official comments earlier today.  However, we were finalizing our official position at the time and considered it premature for us to speak with KOMO 4 or other media outlets.  Since that time, the WCC has formally moved to oppose the adult cabaret and work cooperatively with other opponents to contest the project.  Brian Turnbull, the WCC President, has since spoken to KOMO 4 to confirm our opposition with her.

Currently, KOMO 4 is stationed at the site and ready to broadcast on tonight’s 5pm live broadcast.

Meanwhile in related news, the Federal government is getting ready to auction off two properties seized from the Colacurcio family when they closed down Rick’s strip club on Lake City Way and NE 115th Street.  According to the Seattle PI, the sale of the old Rick’s Night Club would allow new owners to operate it as a strip club again should they choose to.

UPDATE: This is the coverage that KOMO 4 aired on the Seven Seas Restaurant becoming an adult cabaret.

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