Calling all photographers & artists: "Show Us Seattle" contest

Now that the incredible weekend of art, food and fun at the Wedgwood Art Fest has wrapped up, it’s time to let the memories sink in until new ones can be created next year.

Or is it?

Keep the memory of Art Fest alive by submitting your work to the “Show Us Seattle” contest! Hosted by Seattle software company OnePlane, the contest encourages Seattle-based artists and photographers to submit their unique work and showcase the wide variety of talent that can be found in our neighborhoods. What are they looking for, exactly? Here are some ideas from their website:

o How about that Seattle born and raised designer who made it big and returned to Seattle to set up shop? Show us
o And the homegrown band you always try to catch after dinner on Friday night? Show us
o Did your best friend barely miss the cut for American Idol but still sings their heart out at church on Sunday? Show us
o What about that street performer camped outside of Nordstrom on Pike Street whose talent amazes you every time you walk by? Show us
o Your college professor who’s world-renowned talent inspired you to change your major…show us
o The dope breakdancing crew that performs around the world and still makes time to do a show at the local high school assembly once in a while…show us
o The neighborhood graffiti artist that makes magic with once ugly walls…show us
o A favorite comedian who graces the local stage and has you in tears minutes after their set begins…show us

With the amazing participants found last weekend at Art Fest, there are sure to be some real gems out there. So take a chance, represent Wedgwood and enter your work by July 18th to win a grand prize of a custom iPad App to showcase your portfolio!

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